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This compact device converts composite video to s-video with no visible loss in quality. For this design, the weight of the connector with a cable can loosen the connection to an S-video female appliance (like a laptop).

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In the Tyler Perry drama series Too Close to Home, she was also a cast as Bonnie Hayes.

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He also circulated a self-portrait painted by George W. In January 2014, Lehel was jailed in his native Romania for seven years after being convicted of hacking emails of Romanian officials.

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Introverts are often seen as shy, introspective, or antisocial, but the reality is more complicated than that—most people aren't fully introverted or extraverted, and actually fall somewhere in between.

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Don’t listen to the dating rule that says divide your age by two and add seven and that’s the youngest you should ever go.

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Thomas & Hutton Columbia, United States Thomas & Hutton is a growing, well-established civil engineering firm providing consulting services throughout the southeast.