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Regardless of whether you build algae on land, coal underwater and sand with the help of granules.

This makes it possible for the first time in the middle of an ongoing game, to renew acquaintance with the old familiar, for example Vadim Sokow or Tilda Jorgensen.

The new Academy, however, has the entire range of island wide-, ark- and units upgrade available. Thus, you can build several types of aircraft in this specially created Trade airport.

Reliquienlabor The new Relics laboratory offers all artifacts as a research opportunity,which are needed in the Academy to discover more powerful upgrades. Mod the player is now able to transport goods by air.

Are you fed up with the Icons in the color Ice blue and would like those colorful? Now you can decide during installation which Icon pack you like. All residential, public and catastrophe protection buildings of the Ecos and Tycoons have received an alternate appearance.

The 2 variations of the buildings are available at any time in the game and may be built as needed.

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Info: This Mod adds many new changes into the gameplay.

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