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After being forced to take 2 months off by his boss, who doesn't share his view on working methods, he goes back to Japan, where he ...

See full summary » Holidaymakers arriving in a Club Med camp on the Ivory Coast are determined to forget their everyday problems and emotional disappointments.

Godefroy de Montmirail travels to today to recover the missing family jewels and a sacred relic, guarantor of his wife-to-be's fertility.

The confrontation between Godefroy's repellent servant Jack the Crack and his descendent, the effete Jacquart, present-day owner of the chateau, further complicates the matter.

A medieval nobleman and his squire are accidentally transported to contemporary times by a senile sorcerer.

He enlists the aid of his descendent to try to find a way to return home, all the...

In a hotel's elevator in Paris he meets a French good-for-nothing named Perrin he's fascinated ...

Dingo jaunosios šeimai priklausančios brangenybės, o kartu su jomis ir stebuklingasis amuletas, užtikrinantis moterų vaisingumą!!!

See full summary » After hiding his loot and getting thrown in jail, Ruby, a brooding outlaw encounters Quentin, a dim-witted and garrulous giant who befriends him. See full summary » Gerard Depardieu plays a sleazy Paris nightclub owner and ex-detective who flies to Hong Kong to rescue the young son of a friend murdered by the Chinese mob. See full summary » Squale, an ace spy, is called back from South America to carry out a tough operation.

Goal: dismantle an international arms traffic masterminded by an important French government official. See full summary » Hubert is a French policeman with very sharp methods.

As a consequence, the movie becomes sometimes muddle-headed, sometimes a bit of a mess.

But the movie also suffers from the performance of nearly all the actors.

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