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got out but went into Army in 85 and retired in 2001. COM location: Goose Creek S Carolina PO BOX 2171 Date: October 30, 2010 comment: Served in Nam from 1967 thru 1969 with MCB 128. Would like to have contact with old buddies or anything related to that time period. BU1 Kaden left me and two others to find our way back from Monkey Mt. Another good group is "Vietnam Era Seabees", name: Richard p. name: Tim Shalk email: timshalk at location: Pleasanton, CA Date: August 09, 2010 comment: Hi there..... Thanks again, Michael Binney name: Carol Nunes email: gmamadog at location: cape cod mass Date: June 24, 2010 comment: my brother, Dave Nnunes, was nmcb5 from 1978-1981. i am looking for anyone who served with him during those years. name: Victor Buchanan email: vbuchan1 at location: Kansas City MO Date: June 19, 2010 comment: served from 81to87. CAN DO name: Michelle Dancho email: shelly_ray70 at location: Pittsburgh, pa Date: June 02, 2010 comment: My grandfather was a Seabee in WWII, he was in Guam.still in contact with some of the guys after all these years. name: Michael Avery email: flyboy.650 at location: Mobile Al. on a Sunday noon so he could go to a village and you know what? Connor email: jconnor at location: Bayville, New Jersey Date: October 01, 2010 comment: I was a Seabee from 1964 to 1969 and was a member of Operation Deep Freeze. I was a Corpsman attached to MCB10 from March of 1969 until February of 1970. Johnston email: tzarina at com location: San Diego, California Date: July 30, 2010 comment: My father, James Grant Kerr, was in the Seabees until his retirement in 1970. In going through old papers and photos of his that my brother had stored, I found many pictures of him on Midway Island, Adak and Kodiak, Alaska, etc. name: Larry Swanson email: ldswan420 at location: St. Served in acb1 the bone and nmcb5 with two westpacks. My Dad is trying to find out in what unit he served.My father was station there and was with the Crew of the 811. I would like to find some pictures of that deployment. He started his tour in Auckland New Zealand then moved north behind the invading force. name: Steve Piehl email: stvpiehl at location: Cincinnati, Ohio Date: June 27, 2010 comment: 1968-1970 MCB-4 delta co, Looking for fellow Bees that served in Vietnam spring of 69 deployment to Danang Camp Adner. Was sent to shore duty at Monkey Mtn Da Nang in 1967-68. name: Kay Rasmussen email: kayrasmussen at location: Utah Date: June 10, 2010 comment: I was with MCB 10. It brought back some good memories I have of that time. Littlefield, BUL2, USNMCB4 email: rlittlefield at location: Wentzville, MO 63385 Date: June 09, 2010 comment: One deployment to Rota, Spain in 1965 and one deployment to Chu Lai, RVN, 1965-66. Calif Date: June 05, 2010 comment: I served with Charlie Company of NMCB 10 from 1967 - 1969. As many others have previously stated, we were giving the experience of a lifetime.

have a question that maybe you could answer or lead me to someone that could. I can be reached by phone at: 910-352-5080 I am looking for anyone that was Attached to MCB5 Charlie Co from 1967 to 1968 My grandfather was YNC Clyde Leyman Watson Personnel Chief, I am trying to find anyone who remembers him of has pictures of him and he passed away when I was 2 of enphicsema.

Hi, I was in MCB 74 as a EAD 2nd Class from 1966 TO 1968.

Lots of things I dont like to remember and have problems dealing with them so I dont bring them up or think about them. How can I get the unit number I ended up with after peace came? Date: January 03, 2011comment: I stumbled upon your site and have some pictures of my dad Oliver John Schenone (deceased) who was a CB around the time Pearl Harbor was attacked. name: Ron Battista email: ron.battista location: Marlton, N J 08053 Date: December 26, 2010 comment: I was a ship fitter 1st class and was transferred to MCB 128 in 67. Would also like to obtain his particular service record if it exists. Thanks and take care, Hartley Holte, USNA 1955 name: John R. My bothers and I have 200-300 letters that Daddy and Mama sent during the war. Another name Bill Galloway Include Danny Baer, Rick Huggett, OC Johnson - anyone know them please let me know. 53546 Date: September 15, 2010 comment: I was in the U. From there I went to MCB 10 Guam from 58 to Jan59 transferred to Barbers Point Hawaii and attached to Alf Bonham on the island of Kauai for the rest of my time. Also just heard that another buddy station there passed away in May Jack Sadle who spent 20 years in the seabees. All three of our wives were pregnant at the same time. name: Larry Triolo email: bufalo11 at location: St.

The cruise book I got the info from didn't have dates on the detail departures. The Sea-bee base in Port Hueneme is where I lived when age 4-5, then we moved to what is now the Oxnard Harbor area. I am putting together a Family history for my granddaughters and I'd like to include this part of his life. I would love to know more to pass it on to his grandchildre/and great-grandchildren/great-great-grandchildren. Thank you, Gayle Benally I was an IPO EO-2 in MCB-7. I was with MCB5 Camp Hoover, Danang 1969, next to hill 327. I would love to hear from anyone that served with him. name: Frank Germannemail: frank.germann at gmail.comlocation: West St Paul, MN Date: February 21, 2011comment: I was an Engineering Aid Surveyor and was stationed at Public Works Yokosuka Japan in 1962/1963. I served in the Navy Seabee 1987-1995 Dersert Storm vet.attacted to Fleet Hospital 5 Jabal Saudi Arabia. Trying to reach others from these places and times name: Bryan Kinter email: c_rush2008 at location: Chambersburg, PA Date: December 12, 2010 comment: My name is Bryan Kinter and I am contacting you in regards to my grandfather, Gary Eugene Johns. He died on Wednesday December 8th, 2010 and with his death leaves only one man from his platoon left living.

I was able to visit it recently and see the welcome home signs for the Seabees! Can anyone tell me more about his duties, where stationed, rank, etc. I was an EO with MCB 74 stationed in Gulfport, I was in Diego Garcia in 1973 when it was just us the environment. Early in the deployment I broke the rule of "never volunteer" and found out what airlift missions were! We deployed to Camp Barnes Dong Ha in Quang Tri provence; in June 1968. Lott, EM2C, CBMU 503, serving on Pelilieu, Guam, the Philippines and other S. Any info on the 503 or personnel serving would be most appreciated! name: Robert Coopemail: Nevada Appraiser at SBCGlobal.netlocation: Carson City, Nevada Date: February 21, 2011comment: I was deployed from MCB 10 as a part of the "Ghost Battalion" to Dong Ha / Quang Tri. name: Joanne email: skjj at comcast.netlocation: Oregon Date: February 13, 2011comment: Looking to contact the family of FRANK JAMES or JACOB ARNOLD. He was a great man and he always spoke highly of the Seabee honor.

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