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Andy Phippen, professor of social responsibility at Plymouth University, who has done wide-ranging research on sexting, says tales like all these are typical.He doubts there is a school in the country which has not been affected.But then I realised my picture had become common knowledge because the boy’s friends started teasing me about it in the dinner queue at school, calling me “frigid” because I wouldn’t go further.I was angry - I couldn’t win.’Although such pictures are sent back by girls in the hope of securing compliments, they have raised the bar for how girls think they should look.

As Beth says: ‘No one ever found out and I never told my mum at the time.’ Jake Land, 21, from Buxton, Derbyshire, a part-time actor, began sexting when he was 15.These days if you don’t have the stereotypical big bouncy breasts, you are made to feel you are not good enough.You don’t only have to look good with your clothes on, you are supposed to look good with them off‘It started when a boy I was seeing sent me a close-up of his private parts,’ she remembers.It meant he was less likely to share mine because I would have shared his, too,’ says Beth.Part-time actor Jake Land, 21, says it was his introduction to the female physique when he was 15.

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