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Dharma’s pricing plans are separated by business categories rather than processing volume levels, so it’s effortless to decide which plan is best for your business.Pricing plans include options for storefront and e Commerce merchants, as well as a recently-introduced discounted rate plan exclusively for restaurants.Unlike most providers, however, they disclose them in advance on their website.Here’s an overview of fees you might see on your statement: Dharma does not charge account setup fees or annual fees.If you already have a terminal, they’ll reprogram it to work with their system for a 0.00 fee.

Like any other provider, Dharma also occasionally charges incidental fees.As you might have guessed by now, Dharma Merchant Services easily earns a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.They’re not ideal for everyone (high-risk businesses and those processing less than ,000 per month will have to look elsewhere), but for most merchants, they offer the best overall value of just about any provider in the industry.Net – along with his daughter Alexia Marcous, the company flawlessly combines industry know-how with highly ethical business practices to cater to small businesses, restaurants, and nonprofits.The duo created Dharma to bring their philosophical convictions together with their knack for business, proving the two need not be mutually exclusive. We’ve reviewed hundreds of companies, most of which end up being average or below.

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Not only does the company reveal every fee you might have to pay, but they also disclose how much each fee costs and why they have to charge you for it.

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