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Lily of the Nile Cleopatra s Daughter by Stephanie Dray Scholar Advisor A little lemon overnight will do wonders for your body It removes dead skin and blackheads bleaches and removes unwanted hair and not to mention .Shakespeare Fans Group Readings Antony And Cleopatra August Following is an order signed by Cleopatra ginesthoi Make it happen Cleopatra scribbled at the end Today that piece of handwriting is about the only .They acted as scarecrows.'Horrible Histories: The Awful Egyptians and The Awesome Egyptians' (Scholastic) are available for £4.99 each plus 99p p&p per order.

• Tombs held everything a God would need in the next life, including a toilet.

He found Cheops's coffin - but it was empty.• Tutankhamun's tomb was robbed shortly after he was buried.

The thieves appear to have been caught in the act: they dropped a bag of rings in the tunnel they'd dug.• Lord Carnarvon, who funded the Tutankhamun excavation in 1922, died a year later.

As he died, the lights in Cairo failed and his dog back home howled. " superstitious people claimed.• Mummies were buried with "Books of the Dead": these weren't full of curses on grave-robbers, but gave advice on how to get on in the afterlife.• In 1901 a British historian, Flinders Petrie, was exploring Pharaoh Djer's tomb.

He found an arm wrapped in bandages that had been stuffed into a crack in the wall, perhaps by an early robber.• A robber in the 1880s was caught after selling the treasures of 30 mummies.

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HBOs Rome James Purefoy as Antony IMPERIAL ROME Pinterest Pinterest The audience is able to recognise around this point his changed character now slumped in defeat and can note the contrast between the Antony of the later .

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