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You can then move them into other mailboxes that you have created by drag-and-drop.

(To create a new mailbox there should be a ‘Create new mailbox’ on the menu or on a popup-menu for the Inbox.) Some emails have attachments, these are files that are in the email that you can open and/or save.

A progress bar will appear in the status bar or a window will come up with one so that you can know when it is finished.

All new messages go into your Inbox, unless you have filters set up (we will not be discussing filters in this book).

Cookies používáme proto, abychom mohli přizpůsobovat a měřit reklamy a vytvářet bezpečnější prostředí.

Když na tomto webu na něco kliknete nebo přejdete, vyjádříte tím svůj souhlas, že smíme pomocí cookies shromažďovat informace na Facebooku i mimo něj.

Canada for an email address under the username of ‘julia’.‘[email protected]’ is what happens when a name was already taken and someone else wants it.Email typically operates on two sub-protocols of TCP/IP, SMTP and POP3.You then type the text for your message into the big text box at the bottom.If you are connected to the Internet when you click the ‘Send’ button (or other similar button) on the email it will go immediately.

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The Internet is often called a ‘network of networks’ but it still has many of the things a network has. The problem with email over the Internet is that it would be impossible to list every person on the Internet in one place, have it current with their names, have those names be unique, and still have it be useful.

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