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To make the impossible possible, we must exercise our perseverance and strong willpower. [D] To protect themselves against the cold weather.参考答案 26. Or, as an English proverb goes, ‘If there is a will, there is a way.’ Our world is becoming increasingly competitive and only by making strong-willed efforts can we maximize our full potential and gain competitive edges, and prevail over all obstacles that lie in our way to success。 Part I Writing (30 minutes) Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Online Shopping. 我的建议范文 Nowadays, can we find a person who has not experienced online shopping? Online shopping is coming into fashion in most of cities due to the rapid development of internet technology。 Online shopping is welcomed by most people due to various reasons. Thus, the authorities should enforce some policies to ensure the equity of education. For these blanks, you can either use the exact words you have just heard or write down the main points in your own words. Only in this way can more people lead a stable and comfortable life. Finally, when the passage is read for the third time, you should check what you have written.

Therefore, we must take whatever we do seriously and be mentally prepared to make our utmost exertions. The median weekly earnings of people with associate degree and below can not reach the average of 797 dollars, ranking from 768 dollars to 451 dollars. As for the unemployment rate, 2.5 % of people with doctoral degree will suffer form unemployment. 1.目前许多商品存在过度包装的现象 2.出现这一现象的原因 3.我对这一现象的看法和建议范文 On Excessive Packaging In recent years, with the economy growing, all kinds of goods are flowing into our life. If you could move at the speed of light, your time would stand still. The packaging of goods becomes more and more attracting our eyes. If you could move faster than light, your time would move (38) _____________.

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范文 From the bar chart given above, we can observe that it reflects the statistics of income among people of different educational background.

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