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They are building a tunnel to the docks so they have the expertise available...the more they tunnel the more product they will produce. Much of the fertiliser that Sirius has included in its estimates is, as many people have pointed out, under the North Sea. This could reduce the HR recruiting and training costs.

will see the extent of Sirius's defined polyhalite resource. However the North East has a long history of mining coal under the sea and I see no difference to their long term plans to tunnel under the North Sea as long as the numbers make sense. cid=485&newsid=838039 Going forward the Company will provide general development and construction updates to the market on a quarterly basis. A distinct absence of the Mill House Gang in recent times. then offer Boulby owners a decent price for their mine as long as they pay for the demolition and ground restoration of the Murate plant and buildings. Good Day , NTJM , and all SXX investors , Glad to read an article with no drivel as some express on here. NTJM you summed SXX up in a nutshell, I agree 100%. Trading SXX have accumulated the pension for us and will deliver a div. Next 4-5 yrs will be challenging , but SXX will rise to be the jewel of the north , in my opinion.

Just doesn't look good that the report covering the last three months shows that there is a delay of two months. Suppose the positive to take from it is that is was in commissioning the D Wall equip which should now be an activity that is complete, and should not represent an ongoing delay to actual construction progress. Once the polyhalite horizon is accessed and orebody knowledge increases through exploration and in-fill drilling better definition of grade and extents of mineralisation may provide potential to increase head grade and/ or improved tonnage profiles.

I believe there has been an update stating that the seem continues to run under the North Sea, which is covered by their licence. Can't help being reminded of the Channel Tunnel project that sucked in a lot of speculative investment yet cost investors everything without generating any income.

But when you look at the potential size of the proven resource, then I can still see plenty of long term value here.

One big advantage here is that this polyhalite (potash) resource – currently thought to be the largest high-grade deposit in the world - isn’t in some far flung, politically unstable part of the globe, and is located under the North York Moors National Park and off of the coast.

This will give the project a net present value of over billion, so you can see just how much potential future value there is here.The 'AOI' (purple line) is the boundary of the co's licence area, on the right that boundary also coincides with the coast between Whitby and Scarborough - 'SB1' is just above Robin Hood's Bay. A look at the map on p332 and you can see the planned mining area for the first 70y of production from the substantial polyhalite seams. Bearing in mind that tunnelling the channel (through very difficult and different rock and chalk formations as well as much deeper, wider, electrification, fast rail, etc.) produced waste material and not saleable product. For the coming twelve months these are expected to be released at the following times: · Week commencing 27 March 2017; · Week commencing 26 June 2017; · Week commencing 25 September 2017, and; · Week commencing 8 January 2018. Just sitting around waiting, BUT, have been recently much distracted by GPP, - now starting to shudder and explode. Change marketing trade marks from ICL to Sirius and have an early supply of product in the market place. I trust the SXX BOD , Management & staff fully as i think they have a great quality team.Previously 'Face to face' seems to have provided more insight as to the state of play re the build: "Liaison Group Forum: the next meeting will take place on 22 January, 1.00 – 2.30 pm at Sneaton Castle Centre, Whitby, YO21 3QN." From the co wsite. Tie in the export route from Boulby, away from the railway, to the Sirius tunnel. Happy New Year to All, Nice to see some 'old hands' still around. TO All TRUE SXX Investors I wish you a Happy and Prosperous 2018. Have a GOOD DAY, Cheers, Buck Young Investor, Why would you only consider this to be a 5-10 year investment?Obviously I would expect them to extract the lowest hanging fruit first, i.e. well their not really apples as such there called pears but same difference eh. Again this is a long term capital project that involves digging a tunnel under the sea. Let Boulby make redundant an experienced work force.that on land..if the deposit is as big as has been indicated and runs under the sea then I don't see any major problems in truth. I have looked but cannot find the reference that prompted me to make an entry in my diary. tig Hey you guys drawing similarities to the Channel Tunnel and YP's MTS why don't you invest in my U. :-) "involves digging a tunnel under the sea" that's a new one on me Nick Dog. If Sirius run out of cash will someone else end up getting all the benefits? Recruit them soon after for the tunnelling to Teesside.

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