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Beverley's Market Place is the home of a Saturday market and has a market cross dating from 1714, which is supported with 8 columns. Meaux, a few miles to the east of Bevreley was the site of Meaux Abbey, founded by the Earl of Albermarle in the 12th century but virtually nothing remains of the site.

At one time the abbey of Meaux owned the land that would later become the location of the town and city of Hull.

The Hull flows southward in the land to the east of Great Driffield before joining the River Humber at the City of Hull.

Great Driffield's most notable historic feature is the church of All Saints.

The Wolds were attractive to ancient man, who preferred to stay clear of the poorly drained and easily flooded neighbouring vales.

It is reputedly the burial place of Aldred, King of Northumbria, who died near hear in 705 while fighting in battle against the Vikings.The village was historically the property of the Archbishops of York. The Yorkshire Wolds are formed by the most northerly limits of chalk in Britain and form rolling hills to the south of the Vale of Pickering and to the north of the low lying East Yorkshire district called Holderness.If Wetwang was the wet field then Driffield was surely the dry field.Starngely early forms and spellings of the name Driffield point to a name meaning 'dirt field' or 'field with stubble' Later inhabitants forgetting their early origins may have associated the two places with being wet and dry.

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