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For Lolita, this is a pattern: people pay attention to her to gain access to him, something she fears is the intent of Sébastien, a struggling journalist who may become her boyfriend.The night of the concert, the music may bring out everyone's feelings. It's a reasonable title--just not the title the Director gave it.)The plot concerns a group of educated and successful Parisians whose lives intersect in both Paris and Burgundy.(It's hard to believe that Jaoui can be both an outstanding director and an experienced star.It's even harder to believe that she can direct herself in such a nuanced and intelligent performance. )Sylvia has true compassion and affection for Lolita, but she's not a saint, and is not above using her influence with Lolita to advance her husband's writing career.See full summary » Lolita, plump, in her 20s, desperately wants her father's attention.

And as she is the Director of Human resources of a big firm such infirmity is not ...

To my mind, Agnès Jaoui represents the perfect French film star.

She looks talented, intelligent, and strong, and she's also very attractive in a non-conventional way.

Into this equation comes Sylvia Millet, Lolita's vocal coach.

Incredibly, director/screenwriter Jaoui also stars in this pivotal role.

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