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That’s something we here at Waiting Till hope to change!Three percent of the US population may seem like a small number, but that represents nearly 10,000,000 waiters-till-marriage.This statistic disproves the common misconception that only women wait until marriage to have sex. Side note: People who argue that waiting till marriage is anti-feminist often base their argument on the assumption that only women wait.That argument kind of falls apart if almost the same amount of guys wait too, because then it’s equal (and equal is pro-feminist).Although he still writes the occasional article, he spends most of his time these days creating new site features and keeping everything organized.

The method of work will be whether selling addresses or membership, or combining both options.

Naturally, religious people seem more likely to wait until marriage to have sex.

In a study of 9 Southern Babtist churches in Texas (it doesn’t get much more conservative than that), 20% of the church members aged 25 or younger were married without ever having premarital sex.

Western agencies also offer gift delivery, translation and email forwarding services.

The average price per address is , translation - -15 per page, and email forwarding - -8 per page.

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That’s about how many waiters-till-marriage there are.

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